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Virtual parks in IT industry

The MITC, with the support of the development partners: the World Bank, USAID, German Economic Team and international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers, developed the draft law on IT parks (GD 253 of 14.05.2015) and currently promotes it in the Parliament.

The project was developed in order to create necessary leverages to boost the information technology development and creation of a competitive business environment in the Republic of Moldova at the regional level, as stated in the Strategy on the IT industry competitiveness growth for the years 2015 – 2021.

The key-element of the project is to implement the innovative tax model by applying a single tax for the IT parks residents in the amount of 7%, with simple and clear management mechanisms, as well as exemption from VAT and customs duties on imports of computer technology and equipment for the development of production capacities.

The draft law provides expressly 5 types of activities that can be carried out within IT parks. Note that the parks shall be “virtual” and the residents shall work from their own offices situated on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, after their registration as resident and assumption of all the obligations stipulated in the draft law.

Source : http://www.mtic.gov.md/en/projects/virtual-parks-it-industry